Reflection on Week 14 (21 December 2014) EduTech Day!!

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone…

So this is the last week of our study for this semester. This week we have the EduTech Day as for our final class for this course. Before the ceremony, we had been given the instruction by Prof Rosseni that we have to do a poster pitching for our movie together with the video show of our final production. Today, all videos had been evaluated based on the rubrics given earlier and the impact to the Educational Technology.

Throughout this course, I find that student especially me are more step forward in giving the opinion whether during the discussion in groups or at the commenting session on facebook. I am able to critically deliver my thought for the purpose of improving our video project. Other than that, I learned how tp accept the critics and comment from others professionally without feeling depressed of give up. I manage to handle others opinion and argue it professionally by giving the pros and cons regarding my ideas. I also found that this course really motivates me, as a teacher to be to the modern generation. I realize that teaching merely using textbooks and notes does not really helps students to learn and discover the world as it is because without using technology, we are trapped by limitation. To be a teacher for the modern generation in future, we have to be incredibly creative and learn how to give students the feeling of responsibility to learn for the sake of their own, and not because of parents or others so that they can enjoy learning.

I realize that teaching merely using textbooks and notes does not really helps students to learn and discover the world as it is because without using technology, we are trapped by limitation. To be a teacher for the modern generation in future, we have to be incredibly creative and learn how to give students the feeling of responsibility to learn for the sake of their own, and not because of parents or others so that they can enjoy learning.

In my opinion, by forming a group to produce our short video is just like forming a company to sell products. In the beginning, we already unconsciously manage to form a strong organization in our group, where we have the photographers, script writers, and so on. We have no problem to cooperate with each other because everyone is alert with their own responsibility. By experiencing this incredible journey in filmmaking, I also gain a lot of knowledge about photography and cinematography. I explore a lot on youtube and google on how to get the best shot for the different kind of scene that we want to. My favourite technique was the play with focus and blurry image.

About the comments that I think had trigger my attention in developing my skills is the comment from Prof Rosseni:


This comment tends to make me realize that our music that we use is not really touching the viewers heart. So it’s about delivering message skills that we lack. Thank you Prof for this comment! Other than that, here I attach the comments from friends about our video:



Thank you for all…I really think that the approaches that have been used were impressive and impactful to gain students’ responsibility towards our own project or generally about the knowledge that we seek for. However, there is still chance for the facilitators and lecturer to be improved especially in giving the instruction or announcements. I think that, if the announcement or instructions are given earlier (not asking the submission right after/in short time after the announcements) with the clear objective, we can improve more in term of the organization of the course, to get the better learning outcomes.

Last word from me, I would like to thank all of the facilitators, lecturer and my beloved friend for supporting our video production! Thank you so much Prof Rosseni, Kak Ana, Kak Aida, Kak Wani and all my friends!!I love all of you..May Allah bless us now and forever..For Prof and facilitators, count my name in you “du’a” for my final exam and succeed in life..I believe in the barakah that Allah promise from the prayer of the teachers..Kind of sad to stop writing now, but I pray that everyone will do well in anything that we want to achieve..! Assalamualaikum…’Salam Cinta,,Salam Rindu,,Salam Kenangan’..

Let the pictures tell the story of our heart…

1517600_763089120393262_3808185349048209765_n 1620621_763088757059965_6465579388827530200_n 1901288_763089633726544_4491363488857450775_n 10354873_763088870393287_602238802987315041_n 10514648_763089163726591_7100099676157866885_n 10599665_763090037059837_8794159417603184148_n 10696258_763090367059804_8067351294318440433_n 10730980_763091173726390_143021564674906662_n 10849721_763090750393099_1127963756812518923_n 10858541_763095620392612_7423631318054983553_n 10882141_763089010393273_8629357794128839653_n

May Allah bless us..

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Reflection on Week 13 (12 December 2014)

Assalamualaikum and Hello week 13!!

Today we got no class for Educational Technology subject since we have to finish our final production and post it on facebook group for the evaluation and comments. I guess everyone is struggling working on their videos just like our group did.

Our progress for this week was on editing the video. We try to delete and cut a few shot that we think was too much on the first production. The shot that we cut most is the birthday scene. We also rearrange the scene that have been compiled before and add some narration into it. the last scene where the characters are doing prayer in our first production was without a narration, bur we decide to add some to make it more impactful.

On December 9 (previous Tuesday), we gather again to complete the editing part. Sadly Nurul Sahira cannot join us on the meeting because she got something else to do. So three of us, Ekin, Aika and Faiz were at Bilik Merak Kayangan, Kolej Rahim Kajai to work on our video. We critics and also gave ideas to improve our short movie. We also consider Dr Rosseni and our friends’ comments to make sure that we follow the rubrics for the evaluation.

10846132_767101703327829_4649735488992205683_nFinally out real production finish after the magic touch from our cinematographer, Faiz! Everyone gave their comments and most of the comments are positives. Alhamdulillah once again and thank you for all! Let’s enjoy our video. The Reminiscences by FASA Production!


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Reflection on Week 12 (5 December 2014)

Hello readers…!

On this week, almost all groups are done with our first production of the short video. We already uploaded our first production of the short film on youtube and paste the link on the facebook group to be viewed by Prof. Rosseni and friends so that they can comment and we can proceed with the improvement.

On the previous Wednesday, (3 December 2014) FASA Production finished the shooting of all the scenes that we need for this production. Early in the morning, we went to shoot a birthday scene at the rooftop of The Faculty of ‘Kejuruteraan Dan Alam Bina’. After that we went to IRIS UKM to shoot the study scene, and finally to the memorial of UKM in front of the ‘Fakulti Pengajian Islam UKM’ to shoot the last moment scene. We feel very relieve because we have done all the scenes, and next we proceed to do the editing part.

553275_768106063265055_8509154524782914979_n 1504546_768106119931716_7893631861262539576_n 10428096_768106229931705_3366212655721670570_n

Our first production was very long in term of duration according to Prof Rosseni’s comments and actually we also feel that there should be many more improvement to be done. So now, enjoy our first production..

That’s all for these week. Thank you everyone for the comments and wait for our final production!=D

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Reflection on week 11 (28 November 2014)

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!

We meet again on this week! I am very sorry because actually I should write this post earlier, but due to so many things finally I only got time today. So, now I will write some reflection on the activity that my group members and I had done in week 11 regarding our video production. During the Educational Technology class last week, Dr Rosseni already informed that there will be no class for this week because she want us to have some time to work on our video project since that we still have a lot of things to do. For my group, FASA Production, we still have a few scenes that should be shoot.

We have planned that this week, we are going to shoot the scene at Port Dickson to fulfill the needs of our storyboard that mentioned about the beach scene where the characters in this film are spending time together, playing and enjoying life as friends together. We went to Port Dickson early in the morning because we want to get the best scene since that the morning weather is not too hot. It took about 2 hours journey I guess. It was great because everything went smoothly although none of us ever being there before, and we just rely on the WAZE Apps and finally it brings us there! Alhamdulillah..this is the priceless experience, because it makes me realize that we are all already being independent and able to plan our work systematically according to the needs that we have to accomplish.

What is so special about this course is that, it is really students’ centered. In producing the video, it is totally our idea on how to make it and it was very good because students can build up their creativity and at the same time, the lecturer and facilitators are there to help and navigate us. Thank you to Prof Rosseni, Kak Ana, Kak Aida and also Kak Wani because always there for us to refer.

We finish up our shooting at the beach in the afternoon and after that we went back and heading to Putrajaya for the next shooting location! was a very tiring day but we really enjoy it because we become  closer and understand each other’s way of doing work. It was good because we will understand each other more in future if we are given the opportunity to be in one group again. We learned a lot from this course because I think that the student are given the space to explore themselves. As a result, we tend to understand more and really practice what we have learned in class.

I think that’s all for this week and let enjoy the picture!!

1503248_765561783519483_3003321322362361907_n 10151301_765561940186134_490220682851697409_n 10629655_765561630186165_7879480770149590656_nsee you next week..=D

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Reflection on Week 10 (21 November 2014)

Asslamualaikum to all….Time flies so fast and now we are already on week 10 of the semester!! I’m kind of not believe it. But yeah, That’s the reality..


Today we did have class with Dr Rosseni for Educational Technology. I was quite wondering to go to the class because today every group have to present about our first production on the filmmaking. Our group already shoot a few scenes but still there are a lot of things to do. We even have not filter and edit any single scene, not to mention about integrating them. But never mind, I think it positively that maybe the comments that we might get from Dr Rosseni will avoid us to do mistakes in working on it in the future.

My group member Faiz, bring along all the scenes that we had shot on the previous Wednesday. We together discuss to put then on the playlist so that al least people can see the flow of our story, and we were ready to present.

The first group presented was Nur Syamimi Halim’s group. The shot that they took was very beautiful especially the time laps scenery of sun rising. All was fine, but I view was quite hampered by the shaking of the camera. It was not shocked after that Mimi told us that she did not use the camera stand to support her camera. I can see that Mimi’s group film will be awesome because of the cinematography technique that they use and they really focus on the natural scenery which I like most.

Other groups that catch my attention were  Hayani’s and Azrul Syafik’s group. Both of these groups however only presented the teaser of their story which is rather short, but I still like the way they present it because they make me cannot wait for their whole film.

This is the link to the teaser of Azrul Syafik’s group and for me it is very awesome!!

Dr Rosseni commented on his video on giving the credits to the copyright video loop that he had taken or that part will not appear once the video is uploaded to the internet. Actually the comment is for the whole groups so we at least appreciate other people’s work.

So, I think that is all I want to share about our Educational group this week. We have so many things to do now, but this course still be the most joyful class of the semester. Next week we are going to do some editing and integrate the scenes that we have shot. Below are the pictures that I took during the shooting time.

1533848_758807487490584_1940146118881093008_n 1621668_758807507490582_3322072155098301506_n 1781883_758807484157251_8429121409572132900_n 10712699_758807527490580_4390458573912158893_n 10734231_758807530823913_5100630813109100351_n

Thank you for reading everyone!! I will write again next week about our filmmaking progress.

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Reflection on Week 9 (14 November 2014)



Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone!!

Actually we had no class for this week, but never mine..Huhu.. it doesn’t mean that our learning session also stop right. My group members and  I (FASA Production group) still have so many things to do regarding our short film.

This week we manage to complete our storyboard and planned to start our shooting  for the scenes around UKM since that all of us are very busy now with the assignments and other projects. Hopefully our film production go smoothly although I think we got a very limited time now. Well, this is normal when it is almost at the end of semester. No worry!Insya-Allah we can..

In order to complete our storyboard, I did some reading from the internet to see how people who work in this field prepare their storyboard and how it influenced them in the filmmaking. A detailed storyboard will help the director to manage the filmmaking actually because it will make sure that the story line is filmed as have been illustrated.

This is the example of the storyboard that I get online..


The illustrators elaborate every scene and jot down notes for the cinematography technique that they want to use in the filmmaking. It was a great experience because before this I don’t know that the storyboard is very important before the filmmaking. In my readings, I found that there are courses on the storyboard writing at most film schools/academy. It shows that this illustration is very much important. If we think about it once again, we must not shock because every single thing that we want to do need a planning before implementing it, and same goes with filmmaking.

I think that’s all for this week..Thank You..

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Reflection on Week 8 (7 November 2014)

Greeting all readers..Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Time flies very fast and now we already on week 8 for this semester. There are a many skills that I developed throughout studying in this course. My favourite skill is definitely photography skill because now I can use my simple camera to the fullest to get the best photo effects.

Okay now, everyone is getting busy preparing our ideas for the video production. Last week we already present our video proposal and this week we have to create our storyboard to illustrate our story line. As usual we gathered at the computer lab and this week activities already being briefed by Kak Ana last week, that we suppose to finish our storyboard using the materials that will be given by Dr Rosseni. For the preparation, I also brought my own colour papers and scissors to avoid a waste of time if the materials provided is limited.

Dr Rosseni arrived quite late for some matter and my group use that free time to beautify our ideas regarding the video production. We add up some scene to make our story more impactful to the viewers and hopefully we will be able to produce it successfully. We are very excited and cannot wait for the shooting time to give all out for this video. We plan the videography techniques base on the cinematography effect that we want to show to the audiences. We also discussed about the location to shoot our film and so far, we plan to go to Port Dickson Beach, Putrajaya, and a few places in the UKM that we found suitable to portray our scene.

After some time, Dr Rosseni arrived and she distribute the materials for us to do the storyboard. Dr Rosseni brings all extras and we have no problems to get the materials. This week class was very cool because Dr Rosseni buys all of us Nasi Lemak and we ate together while finishing our storyboard. It was a wonderful memory for us. The class members were very cheerful and we feel very happy and unstressed although we had a lot of things to do actually. Dr Rosseni told us that we have to present our storyboard for her to know our ideas and approve it before we proceed with the shooting. Dr also said that our storyboard must be improved from the last week ideas when we present our video proposal. Alhamdulillah our group do develop a few new ideas to make our video more interactive.

before drawing..

before drawing..

me and shira were sketching..

me and shira were sketching..

10600537_753264271378239_2844186040933006558_n 10644885_755455907863404_1869339320231379607_n 10268546_753265971378069_6411559203166876206_n

When all groups were ready with the storyboard, we were asked to  present it to the class members so that they can comment and give other views or opinion to improve our production. For me, it was great to appreciate others ideas because we might be left out some elements that supposedly should be embedded because of so many things that we have to think. So this session really helps us to improve our video production.

Presentation time…

1374969_753263868044946_8016624422347843235_n 10423980_753263771378289_8002711588027138815_n10350403_753263244711675_7749085009670638021_n 10394516_753263468044986_5046723343589558489_n

Thank you ALLAH, Dr Rosseni accepted our ideas and she also gave her opinion for us, to add some ‘hadith’ as the message for the whole story that we will produce in our film. We agree to add up that elements at the end of our story. Finally, Dr Rosseni said that we can start shooting! We have 2 weeks to prepare our first production. Next week will be no class, but we still have to continue with the video making and hopefully we can do it smoothly. That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for the next story of Educational Technology class!huhuuu..

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Reflection on Week 7 (31 October 2014)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!! This week is the first week after the mid sem break and everyone in my class has so many stories to share about their holiday and also about the field trip to Penang Island. My team members had take so many pictures and videos there and frankly speaking they make me jealous for not being there. This week all groups have to present what we have got (photos and videos) during the field trip. So before the class, I have been given the responsibility to choose a few photos or videos that we think among the best to be presented in the class. I had chosen a few and prepare for the presentation.

At the Video Production 4 group in facebook, Kak Ana had announced that this week lecture will be focus on the technique of photoshop. It will definitely be very interesting because I always have the desire to learn about editing photos but yet not been given time. I am very excited going to class this week to explore more on the area of photography. As usual, Faiz had been called to give a lecture on this topic and share his experience throughout his job as a freelance photographer. We explore about the Adobe Photoshop beginning with understanding the functional button in this software for photo editing. Faiz showed us a picture and explain all about photo editing using that picture. Now I knew that we can seriously edit every single part in the picture with Adobe Photoshop if we have the right skills.

This is the picture,


At the left side of the picture are the functional buttons that we can use to edit our photos.

Faiz was explaining…


Besides learning about photoshop, we also presented the details of our video proposal this week. Kak Ana wanted us to explicitly explain about our video production. A few question had been asked like, what type of shooting technique that we are going to use, what props, whether our film includes the outsider as extras, what is the genre of our films and etc. Kak Ana also gave a short brief about our storyboard. She told that we have to prepare our storyboard and next week we have to illustrate in on the real card board to be presented to Dr Rosseni.

Cheerful Kak Ana explained about our storyboard…


This week lecture was so exciting and as usual the class was very cheerful and I really enjoy it! Hopefully next week we can proceed with the storyboard and start to record our video..See you..Bye,,Assalamualaikum..

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Mid sem Break!!

24 October 2014 is suppose to be a lecture on Educational Technology because it’s Friday, but we were having our mid sem break!! yeah..huhu..Most of my classmates went back to their hometown because it was a one week break but not me. I am still at UKM because there are a lot of things that I have to settle here. Okay now, what did I do related to this Educational Technology course during the mid sem break? Actually I had planning to explore a lot of techniques and skills regarding photography and cinematography during this short break since that I was very busy throughout this semester with the commitment for organisation and Siswa Siswi Pertahanan Awam (SISPA). So I had planned to discover more on photography and cinematography area because I am sure it will be very useful to me in the making of our project (Video) later on.

I try to surf for the various shooting techniques in the you tube and try to understand how the videographers play with their camera to produce a very beautiful shot. There are a lot of techniques in shooting videos. Pan shot is one of the techniques when a videographer try to produce a panoramic view of some places. This technique needs us to move our camera horizontally to the left or right focusing on the scenery or the incident in the narration. Below is the video that teach me about Pan Shot and Tilt Shot. Tilt shot differ with the Pan Shot because the camera is moved vertically to showcase the high image like buildings, trees and etc.

I also explore about the other techniques and still learning on how to do the video editing. It seems very complicated but for me it is interesting!..So, enjoy more videos that I got from youtube. They really helps me to understand more about cinematography.

See you again!!

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Reflection on Week 6

The date was 17 October 2014. The lecture session focus on the photography techeniques because that evening all of us were going to Penang for the photography session for our project but unfortunately I cannot join the field trip because I have to attend an academic camp conducted by Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman. After the lecture, I submitted a letter to support my absentees from the field trip.

Okay now..This week lecture was conducted by Mr Faiz, my classmate who is a freelance photographer. I was very proud that he willing to share the skills and techniques of photography for free!!. We learn so many things from Faiz and there are so many terms about photography that I never hear before had been explained explicitly by Faiz.

Mr Faiz was explaining about the skills to get the best shot.10603265_743797919006803_1201058228411357941_n10606296_743797959006799_7860300433185219681_n

All of us seems very interested with the topics and everyone tried to apply the techniques that had been shared with our own camera using phone and DLSR immediately after and also during the lecture. One of the technique is how to get the blurry background for the subject and also background as the focus. Below are the pictures that I had captured using only the simple phone camera. It shows that skills are more important although we don’t have a very well advanced camera.

64251_750083281696338_5458026795774891996_n 64351_750083231696343_4463223142137031296_n 10454519_750083345029665_4502286647046903932_n

We also learn about the function of the setting in DSLR. Now I knew that my phone camera also have a few of the function in DSLR although the quality is not the same, but still if we use the right technique, its possible for us to get a very good shot.

We learn about the basic function of the camera. The first thing that Faiz explained to us is about the aperture. Aperture is the opening in the lens that allows light
through it, and it falls on the sensor. The larger the aperture, the more light that enters
and the picture will be clearer. There are many other new terms for me like shutter dpeed, ISO and etc. I found that the area in photography is very interesting. At least now I knew a few techniques to capture a good photo although my knowledge about  this field is not much. Insya-Allah I will discover more about photography in improve my skills. That’s all for this week, see you next time!

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